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Aims & Objectives

Main objective:

To improve our present understanding of the impact of micro- and nano-plastics (MP/NP) and associated additives/adsorbed contaminants (A/C) in the human body

Relationships between specific objectives:

Specific objectives:

1. Develop a set of well-characterised MP/NP test and reference materials


2. Establish validated methods for measuring MP/NP in complex matrices

3. Assess exposure levels/sources (food, drinking water, air, human tissue, blood, faeces, urine, mucus, personal care products) and fate of MP/NP in the human body

4. Develop in vitro/in vivo models, and study effects of MP/NP in the human body

5. Integrate human risk assessment and management (web-based DSS)


6. Develop case studies to assess feasibility of established methodologies


7. Contribute to relevant EU strategies and international standardization efforts


Steps to success

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