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WP1: Material selection and physicochemical characterization M1-48

Main goal: Representative test materials and suitable methods for assessing the impact of MP/NP and A/C on human health

Key outcome: A panel of pre-characterized and labelled test and reference materials, protocols for material handling, sample preparation, physicochemical characterization and testing of exposure, fate and hazard


WP2: Exposure and fate assessment M1-48

Main goal: This workpackage aims to identify key sources and exposure levels for MP/NP and possible fate scenarios, also based on a critical review of the most recent scientific data and literature.

Key outcome: New comprehensive database and knowledge on exposure levels and fate of MP/NP and A/C in various sources and matrices (e.g. foods, drinks, human tissues, air) based on robust and validated test methods, protocols and strategies

WP3: Hazard assessment M1-48

Main goal: Hazard characterization of MP/NP and associated A/C to humans from different exposure sources (assessed in WP2)

Key outcome: Generation of a comprehensive new database and knowledge on adverse effects of MP/NP and A/C based on robust and validated test methods.

WP4: Risk assessment and management M1-48

Main goal: Developing tiered integrated (environmental and human health) Risk Assessment (RA) strategy for MP/NP in various consumer, occupational and environmental settings

Key outcome: Tailored RA strategy for MP/NP. Two web-based decision-support systems (DSS + PMCDS) for stakeholders (industries and regulators) to implement proper risk assessment and assist in early risk management, including risk avoidance, mitigation and control


WP5: Case studies M6-45

Main goal: Testing critical elements regarding strategies and methodologies developed in WP1-4. Consumer and occupational exposure monitoring and bio-monitoring in food and relevant environmental media. Microbial colonization and transmission of particles and harmful microbes to humans. LCIA for release of MP/NP and A/C and potential long-term effects in the human body and food chains

Key outcome: Recommendations and guidelines to improve current risk assessment strategies and management practices.

WP6: Dissemination, exploitation and impact of results M1-48


Main goal: To engage with all relevant stakeholders to shape input to policy-makers that takes account of scientific and socio-economic evidence.

Key outcome: Coordinated recommendations to the health-relevant aims of the European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy and the European Bioeconomy Strategy.

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