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To achieve the PlasticsFatE project objectives, a highly interdisciplinary approach is required.


PlasticsFatE meets this challenge by pooling some of Europe’s foremost experts in the fields of human health impacts of MP/NP - in particular those laboratories that have the scientific and technical capacities, experience, and resources to jointly develop scientifically sound and innovative procedures, methods and instruments for human hazard, exposure and risk assessment of plastics in the environment.


The partners have been chosen for their competences, strong track-records, synergies, and complementarities, to collectively achieve the critical mass of expertise and infrastructure necessary to meet the project’s impact-focused ambitions and goals.


This unique partnership will ensure the required innovation of current relevant methodologies and their successful implementation to arrive at a better understanding of the health impacts of exposure to micro- and/or nano-plastics found in the environment.

The Consortium comprises:

  • 7 private-public research organizations (ISTEC-CEN, CSIC, ITENE, UFZ, FHG, IGB, GAIKER) 

  • 4 national governmental agencies (STAMI, BAM, NRCWE, UBA)

  • 1 medical research centers (UMCU)   

  • 10 universities (WFSR, ULEIDEN, UL, BOKU, UBT, FAU, UNITO, URTV, UP, NTUA)


  • 1 large company (ECAMRICERT)

The Consortium                             28 Partners - 11 Countries

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