The European Research Cluster to Understand the Health Impacts of Micro- and Nanoplastics

PlasticsFatE is one of five projects that currently form CUSP: the European Research Cluster to Understand the Health Impacts of Micro and Nanoplastics. This is  a collaborative cluster focusing many different aspects of potential health impacts of mnps.

The five projects are working together to enhance impact by synergising communication and dissemination strategies, and sharing expertise such as analytical methods, exposure assessments, inter-lab comparisons, representative materials and data exchange.


The cluster will also collaborate closely with the JRC and annual cluster meetings will be organized to report on joint activities within and beyond the cluster.

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Actionable eUropean ROadmap for early-life health Risk Assessment of micro- and nanoplastics

Project Coordinators: Roel Vermeulen, Danielle Roordink

Communications contact: Jane Muncke

AURORA information on CORDIS


An Innovative analytical platform to investigate the effect and toxicity of micro and nano plastics combined with environmental contaminants on the risk of allergic disease

Project Coordinators:Tanja Cirkovic Velickovic, Laura Vivani

Communications contact: Laura Vivani

ImpTox information on CORDIS


Innovative tools to study the impact and mode of action of micro and nanoplastics on human health: towards a knowledge base for risk assessment

Project Coordinators: Ricard Marcos, Alba Hernández 

Communications contact: Virginia Mata Marcano, Ona Tribó



Understanding human exposure and health hazard of micro- and nanoplastic contaminants in our environment.

Project Coordinators: Raymond Pieters, Heather Leslie

Communications contact: Genon Jensen

POLYRISK information on CORDIS

Analytical methods and representative materials

Lead project:  ImpTox

PlasticsFatE Representative(s)

Anna Costa ISTEC-CNR, Magda Blosi ISTEC-CNR

Data sharing

Lead project: POLYRISK

PlasticsFatE Representative

Damjana Drobne University of Ljubliana

Inter-laboratory comparisons

Lead project:  PlasticsFatE

PlasticsFatE Representative and WG Lead

Korinna Altmann BAM

Exposure assessment

Lead project:  AURORA

PlasticsFatE Representatives

Ruud Peters WFSR, Meike van der Zande WFSR

Risk assessment

Lead project:  PLASTICHEAL

PlasticsFatE Representative

Dana Kuehnel UFZ

Communication and Dissemination

Lead project:  PlasticsFatE

PlasticsFatE Representative and WG Lead

Lesley Tobin OPTIMAT