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CUSP Early Career Researchers Share Progress and Launch Videos

On November 21-22, 2023, Early Career Researchers within the CUSP consortium came together for a virtual exchange in which they could present their results and share with others the benefits and experience gained from working in a collaborative EU project and cluster.

Seventeen presentations from across all five projects were delivered to an audience of 55 project members, who learned about the ECR’s research developments in PC characterisation of MNPs, in vitro models, exposure and effects, and immune responses.

Each of the presenters was impressive in their delivery and five then took the opportunity to create 2-minute video summary presentations that are now available on the CUSP YouTube channel with individual presentations linked below. 

View the research summary videos: 

Maike Adler, FAU, PlasticsFatE 

Dmitri Ciornii, BAM, PlasticsFatE 

Iris Pinillos Sanz, CSIC, PlasticsFatE 

Lucie Bonnefon-Craponne, CEA France, PlasticHeal  

Tim Skrabanja, UMC Utrecht, Polyrisk 


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