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CUSP Takes a Voyage around HaDEA

The CUSP Cluster, represented by Rudolf Reuther (ENAS, PlasticsFatE Scientific Coordinator) as Coordinator 2023-2024, was recently invited to create a short video to be shown at the European Heath and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA) event: ‘Voyage around HaDEA’. The event highlighted some of the wide-ranging initiatives and clusters supported by the Agency.

HaDEA started as a means to deliver the EU response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the EU recovery plan. Beyond this, the Agency’s vision is to boost Europe by creating a healthy society, a competitive industry and a digital economy ‘from Earth to Space’. To this end, HaDEA is implementing actions that will strengthen European society in areas of health, food safety, digital technologies and networks, industrial capacities and space, thereby helping it become healthier, fairer and more resilient and European industry to become more competitive. The results of HaDEA’s projects provide European Commission policymakers with valuable input, which is why Rudolf was invited to present the CUSP cluster as an example.

Rudolf described how our multidisciplinary teams work together and the benefits that can be derived from this, adding: “By working together, the CUSP projects are achieving more than they could individually, and they are making a significant difference in our understanding of the impact of these particles on the environment and human health".

"Thanks to the support of EU funding, we are gathering scientific evidence that will be the basis for recommendations to regulators and policymakers, so that they can help reduce our exposure to plastics and plastic particles – all in the name of a healthier future.”

You can watch the full two-minute video here

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