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CUSP and EDIAQI - an IDEAL Collaboration!

The CUSP cluster and the EDIAQI project, both sponsored by the European Commission, have joined forces to standardize microplastic measurement in indoor environments. The multidisciplinary CUSP team, focusing on the interaction between micro- and nanoplastics and human health, will contribute its expertise to the EDIAQI project's mission to understand indoor air pollution.

Together, they aim to enhance knowledge of microplastic presence in both dust and air, shed light on exposure routes, and deepen our understanding of associated health effects. This collaboration marks a significant step in advancing research on indoor pollution and its implications on public health.

About the IDEAL projects

The IDEAL Cluster aims to improve and safeguard the health and well-being of citizens in indoor environments. It comprises 7 EU funded projects and more than 100 organisations working in the area of Indoor Air Quality and Health.

Find out more about the IDEAL projects here

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