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Environment & Health - New EU factsheet and catalogue

PlasticsFatE and CUSP are both featured in two documents recently issued to provide essential information on recently completed and ongoing initiatives that address environment and health issues

Project Catalogue European research on environment and health. This latest edition focuses on the analysis of projects funded by Horizon 2020 and Euratom

One of the commitments of the EU is to protect citizens’ health from the impacts of environmental degradation. For this reason, the EU has established an extensive policy framework related to environment and health and has also been providing increasing financial support for research and innovation for over 20 years that consolidate the evidence needed to support the implementation of this policy framework.

Scientific knowledge, research data and innovative solutions are necessary to contribute to achieving the objectives of the European Green Deal where a toxic-free environment, the protection of the citizen’s health, reducing both climate and environmental pressures are identified as priorities for the EU.

These documents provide overviews of projects and clusters that support these issues and principles through their research.

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