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PlasticsFatE and CUSP at nanoSAFE and NanoSafety Cluster Conference June 2023

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

The 8th International Conference on Health and Safety Issues for a socially responsible approach to nanomaterials was held this year in Grenoble, France, from June 5th to 9th, 2023. For the first time in its history, the nanoSAFE conference met the NanoSafety Cluster in a new format: nanoSAFE & NanoSafety Cluster. Mark Morrison and Lesley Tobin (OPTIMAT), were there representing PlasticsFatE and CUSP, as Chairs for the session on Micro & Nanoplastics (MNP) Pollution, which saw talks given by Early Career Researchers and international experts, enabling a perfect opportunity for knowledge sharing, experience exchanges, and networking.

This highly interactive session threw a spotlight on some of the latest findings by researchers from PlasticsFatE and PlasticHeal, as well as other international projects. Their presentations described their investigations into different plastics, their degradation products and adsorbed contaminants using innovative cell systems and physical chemical characterisation techniques.

The packed room included nanosafety researchers as well as industry representatives and policymakers. Altogether the session underlined the importance of the methodical and collaborative approach of the CUSP projects to our understanding of the impact of MNPs on human health.

Mark Morrison from PlasticsFatE, the current Coordinators of CUSP, commented: "This was a great session with a lot of interest from the audience about the work in CUSP and other MNP projects. Several of the presenters were early career researchers and it was fantastic to hear them fielding questions on their work and future plans."

For an overview of the conference itself, visit the NanoSafety Cluster website and remember to register for updates

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