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Read all about it! PlasticsFatE Publishes Project Newsletter No.1

PlasticsFatE Partners are happy to announce the publication of the project's first Newsletter, which is packed full of news emerging from the first 10 months of our work. As Rudolf Reuther, PlasticsFatE Scientific Coordinator, says, it "gives you hands-on information about the diversity of activities already going on in the project, and an idea of the many discussions and actions that have taken place also across the CUSP cluster since the project started, to bring plans, efforts, and disciplines into the right direction. The broad spectrum of goals and investigations, and the variety of methods we will test and use in PlasticsFatE is indeed an ambitious, complex and challenging task, but one that is urgently needed to create the reliable scientific data and knowledge that helps us to understand the complex behaviour

of MNPs, and associated additives and contaminants, and how this controls their occurrence and effect on human populations today.

It is our hope that the knowledge we will produce, also within CUSP, will lead to the development of new risk assessment strategies that can be applied to MNPs and help to close some critical gaps we still face today in understanding the impact of these particles on human health".

We very much hope you enjoy this newsletter and find it of interest. You can download it from our media page or from ZENODO

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