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Summertime Reading! PlasticsFatE's Newsletter is out

PlasticsFatE has had a packed six months and this issue - downloadable from Zenodo - brings you a summary of our research developments and activities. As Coordinators of the CUSP Cluster for 2023-2024, we're organising the CUSP International Conference, which you can read more about in the newsletter.

You can also read a summary of our research developments and output over the past six months. Much of this was at the forefront of our training workshop and general assembly held in Oslo in June, kindly hosted by our partner STAMI. One of our Early Career Researchers then talks about the benefits of being able to visit and engage with other project partners.

Our hardworking partners, from MSc to Post-doc level, are producing some exciting publications and you can access all the project's published results via our Scientific Output page. Meanwhile, our Scientific Coordinator, Rudolf Reuther; Plasticheal Coordinator, Alba

Hernández Bonilla; and Polyrisk partner Genon Jensen have been engaging externally with Greenpeace Magazine and the World Health Organisation, respectfully; spreading the word about our work and findings.

External engagement and collaborations are essential to boosting the impact and sustainability of our findings, particularly with projects focusing on cross-cutting issues. You can read about some of PlasticsFatE's and CUSP's newly formed collaborations, which may also be of relevance to your work. Finally, you'll some positive funding news from CRC 'Microplastics' at University of Bayreuth, followed by details of a UN Environment Programme report: Chemicals in Plastics, summarising what we know so far.

If you'd like to stay in touch with PlasticsFatE's progress and activities, the ways

and means are provided on our Contact page.

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