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CUSP - University of British Columbia

Workshop on "Analytics: Characterization and quantification/enumeration of particles in the environment and in tissue" looks at common challenges.

A workshop bringing together researchers from the five CUSP projects and scientists from the Cluster for Microplastics, Health and the Environment, University of British Columbia, is taking place on 27th January, enabling participants to look at common challenges and opportunities for knowledge exchange and collaboration in these areas

CUSP will be delivering presentations to the UBC MNP network focusing on human health, and UBC will reciprocate with an emphasis on analytics of particles in the environment.

For more information about CUSP, visit and the project websites: AURORA, IMPTOX, PLASTICHEAL, PlasticsFatE, and POLYRISK.

For more information about UBC, follow these links:

The UBC cluster Microplastics | (

The different MNP related projects Research | Microplastics (

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